How can I put a micro ATX motherboard into an ATX case?
The micro ATX form factor was introduced in 2005.
This new standard has become very popular because it allows smaller motherboards to fit in larger cases.

However, some older motherboards don’t support the micro ATX form factor. If you want to upgrade your old computer, you’ll need to convert the motherboard from micro ATX to ATX.

How Big is a Micro ATX Motherboard?

A typical micro ATX motherboard measures approximately 5 inches wide by 9 inches long by 1 inch tall (9cm x 22cm x 2cm). This makes it smaller than most ATX motherboards but still relatively large compared to some smaller form factors like mini ITX (which measures approximately 5 inches x 6 inches x 1 inch) or ultra small form factor (4″ x 4″ x 2″). A common misconception about small form factor systems is that they are only good for low-end computer builds but this isn’t true as many high end systems have small form factor systems built into them as well because they are smaller and more compact than standard ATX motherboards while still providing similar performance capabilities as standard ATX motherboards do (and other form factors as well).

Backward Compatibility:

technically any board will work with a modern processor and modern peripherals assuming all connections are powered properly for the hardware being connected but there are some very specific limitations that need to be kept in mind when using an older board and newer components at the same time such as usb ports as well as the graphics output capabilities of the older card verses the newer card and not all cards will necessarily work even if both cards are from the same generation if they are from different manufacturers meaning that not all the ports on the card will work as well depending on what ports are installed on the new cards and the capabilities of the new graphics cards versus the old ones but this is an issue that can happen on any brand including amd vs nvidia but also with intel’s igpus and apus.


Yes it has the capability but also keep in mind that the cost of upgrading a motherboard for future upgrades are very expensive. It is recommended to buy a good quality board from an OEM with all ports and cables needed which will be a better upgrade for the money rather than buying an off-the-shelf motherboard. If you do not have enough space then you should consider purchasing at least two boards one for work and home and have separate cases for them.

Does Micro ATX Fit In ATX Case?

Micro ATX motherboards have the same dimensions as ATX motherboards, but they are a bit shorter and narrower so they won’t fit in an ATX case without modification. Many cases have a slot on the side or front that can accommodate a Micro ATX board, or you can purchase a dedicated Micro ATX case.

Can I fit a Micro ATX Motherboard in a Mid Tower Case?

You might be wondering if you can fit a micro atx motherboard in a mid tower case. The answer is yes, but you’ll need to make some modifications. Micro atx motherboards have the same dimensions as atx motherboards, but they are a bit shorter and narrower.
Many cases have a slot on the side or front that can accommodate a micro atx board, or you can purchase a dedicated micro atx case.

Is a Micro ATX Motherboard Good?

Micro atx motherboards are smaller than a atx board. However, they can still be compatible with atx cases, but you might have to modify the configuration. Micro atx motherboards can fit into most mid-tower cases, but you might have to bring the video card down a notch.
Micro atx motherboards generally cost less than atx boards. Micro atx motherboards are the smallest atx board available. They tend to be cheaper as well.
The micro atx motherboard market offers 100 percent compatibility and have the same form factor as atx boards, but for lighter and less powerful computer.

Can I put a Micro ATX motherboard in an ATX case?

There are two main motherboard form factors (sizes) which have been standardized by industry associations around 2005 – ATX (also known as Extended ATX) and Micro ATX (also known as Mini-ITX). The Micro ATX form factor is quite popular amongst computer builders because it’s small but still capable enough to support more powerful graphics cards like GeForce GTX 1080Ti (Also known as Micro-P).

Can you put a micro ATX motherboard in a full tower case?

It’s great that you can put a micro ATX motherboard in a full tower case!
This gives you more options when it comes to building your own computer. You can choose a smaller case if you want to save space, or a larger case if you need more room for expansion.

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