Genshin Impact is a popular online game that is currently available on PC, Mobile, IOS, and PlayStation. It is a free-to-play game that is available on most platforms. The game is developed by miHoYo and published by miHoYo.

Genshin Impact Gameplay

The gameplay consists of several modes like Free-Time Dungeons & Raids , Open World Exploration , Solo Mode , Party Mode , Shop Mode . The open world exploration is where players explore dungeons at their own pace with many characters from all over Mimirna Island . You can explore new dungeons with different rewards that provide you experience points (EXP).
You can also craft new weapons using shards that are obtained through collecting shards from all over Mimirna Island . You can earn shards by completing quests in open world exploration mode . Also you can craft shards using crafting materials which are obtained through mining shards from Mimirna Island .
Genshin Impact has two main character classes which are Knight & Hunter . You can switch between these two classes during an adventure . Knight has access to stronger sword & shield combo skills but weaker magical abilities while Hunter can utilize both sword & shield skills along with some magical abilities .

Genshin Impact Minimum Requirements PC

windows10 os 64bit or higher windows 10 multiplayer is supported games for windows – live!

Account with gold membership is required processor – i3-2310 @3ghz ram 4gb graphics card ati radeon hd6870 1gb disk space 5gb hard drive space on c:\games\genshinimpact_steamos ======= download get coupon code $5 off and get steam early access game for free quote us code “fyebh64” to get discount code off and save big from just copy the above coupon code and use it at checkout page may not work on other sites buy it now directly from

Recommended Genshin Impact PC Requirements

For Genshin Impact minimum requirements, make sure that your PC meets those specifications:
*A quad-core i5 processor or better. *Intel HD Graphics 620 or AMD R7 270 or higher. *4 GB RAM of memory (8 GB recommended) is preferred but not required.

Genshin Impact System Requirements Mobile

Recommended Genshin Impact Mobile Requirements

To play Genshin Impact, your mobile device must meet the following minimum requirements:

*A minimum of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop or higher. *A minimum of 1 GB of free storage space. *A minimum of 8 GB of RAM.

Genshin Impact System Requirements Android

Genshin impact is an upcoming free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by mihoyo. The game features a massive, gorgeous map, an elaborate elemental combat system, engaging storyline & characters, co-op game mode, soothing soundtrack, and much more. Here are the minimum requirements for playing genshin impact on your mobile device:

*a minimum of android 5.1.1 lollipop or higher.
*a minimum of 1 gb of free storage space. *a minimum of 8 gb of ram. So make sure your device meets the minimum requirements before you download genshin impact.

We can’t wait to explore the world of teyvat with you!


**8 gb of free space** * genshin impact requires 8 gb of free space in order to install. **1 gb for game data storage** * genshin impact stores the game data on the internal memory (which is generally 8 gb). **1 gb for save data storage** * genshin impact stores the game save data on the internal memory (generally 1 gb).
**recommended** * it is recommended that you have at least 30 gb of free space in order to install genshin impact successfully.

Genshin Impact System Requirements iOS

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Genshin Impact System Requirements Tablet

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How much RAM does Genshin Impact need iOS?

In order for Genshin Impact to work properly, iOS devices require at least 1GB of RAM. For mobile and PC versions of the game, Genshin Impact needs at least 4GB of RAM.

How much RAM do you need for Genshin mobile?

The basic model of Genshin mobile comes with 128 MB RAM.

Can I run Genshin Impact iOS?

Yes, you can run Genshin Impact iOS on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Does Genshin run well on iPad?

While some video games require high-end computers or consoles (such as PS4), Genshin does not need such systems to run properly (though you should check its compatibility). The game runs well on both Windows and Mac OSX systems without any major issues or bugs (although there might be some minor bugs here and there). You will not experience any major lag or lags while playing Genshin if you have used these operating systems before (or if you have played other games from Square Enix).
However some users complain about freezing issues when playing Genshin on iOS devices (especially iPad). This could probably be due to some bug/issue with iOS systems themselves which has not been fixed yet (it has been reported by users on Reddit forum as well).
If you have experienced similar problems with Genshin running on iPad then do let us know about it through comments below so that we can try to fix it ASAP!

How do I run Genshin smoothly on my iPad?

(quick response)
1. Check whether you have deployment options.2. Install the genshin app (linked below), and open it.3.
Tap on the app icon on the top right corner, and select ‘genshin’ in the drop-down menu.4. Tap “run genshin”, and the app will ask you to enter a password.5. The default password is “genshin”.
You can change the password in the app.6. Then, tap on “run genshin”, and wait.7. After a few seconds, you should see a new window open.8.
You can now write genshin on the empty area, and the app will automatically replace what you have written with your genshin data.9.

How much GB do you need for Genshin Impact iOS?

The Genshin Impact System Requirements are a set of guidelines that you must follow to be able to run the Genshin Impact System on your computer, mobile, or PlayStation. They are not the only things you will need for the Genshin Impact System to run. Here are the requirements that you must fulfill to run the Genshin Impact System on your device.

Is Genshin Impact on PC and mobile the same?


It depends on what you want from your smartphone/pc!
If you are looking for performance then go with genshin impact but if you are looking at price then go with genshin impact pc because they both have same features but different price point.
Genshin impact mobile also has same features as impact pc but its price point higher than impact pc. Both devices can run android os version 4+, ios 9+, windows 10+, macos 10+.

In conclusion, Genshin Impact was released back on November 28th 2019 by miHoYo (originally known as miHoYo). It was published by miHoYo with help from Chinese publisher Tencent Games (this company also published League Of Legends Legends). It was released on mobile platforms for iOS devices (Apple), Android devices (Google) and PlayStation 4 (PlayStation).
However an updated version that runs on PC was released on January 21st 2020.

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