Passionate Team. Award Winning Software.

Smart PC Builders is the only company in the world that can bring you a truly professional PC build experience at your home, from the selection and ordering of the components right through to the installation of the PC.

The Smart PC Builder is a system that is professionally built to your specifications. You can choose to select the parts yourself and have them assembled into your own personal computer. Or you can choose to have one of our qualified staff assemble the system. Either way you get a fully assembled system that you will be able to configure however you like.

Our SmartDashboard is a web-based system that can display, manage and control your devices with a single interface. It allows you to add, remove or control your connected devices in a hassle-free manner.

It’s a web-based dashboard that connects all your smart devices and displays them in a single interface.

SmartDashboard has been built by a dedicated team of developers and designers, and its features include the ability to create your own dashboard and connect to more than 100 different smart devices from different brands and manufacturers.

Our Values

1. We believe in delivering the best quality products and services to our customers and we will always strive to achieve this.

2. Our approach is to provide a truly personalised service that goes beyond simply fulfilling a purchase

3. We believe that good service comes from treating people as individuals and not just a number.

4. We use environmentally friendly packaging materials and recycle all of the materials that we can.