Which 120mm fan should you buy?
There are two main types of fans, 120mm and 140mm.
Both come in different sizes and shapes.
I’m going to compare these two fans and explain you which one is better for your needs.

120mm PC Case Fans

A 120mm fan is a great choice if you’re looking for a quiet solution. It’s not very powerful but it does provide excellent cooling performance. A 120mm fan is ideal for smaller cases where airflow isn’t a concern. 140mm PC Case Fans If you’re looking for a case fan that provides good airflow, a 140mm fan is what you need. These fans are capable of providing higher air flow rates and thus are better suited for larger cases.

140mm PC Case Fans

PC case fans are used to cool down the computer components inside the computer case. This helps to prevent overheating and damage to the motherboard and other components. 120mm PC Case Fans An 120mm fan is a good option if you’re looking for something quiet. It’s not very strong but it does provide excellent performance. An 120mm fan is ideal if you’re looking for low noise operation.

120mm vs 140mm Fan Comparison

A 140mm fan is better suited for cooling larger systems such as desktops. A 120mm fan is better suited if you’re looking for a quieter system. 140mm vs 120mm Fan Comparison Answer : If you’re looking for a fan that provides great airflow, a 140mm fan is a good choice. However, if you’re looking for quiet operation, a 120mm fan is a better option.


For a desktop PC, a 140mm fan offers excellent air flow. It’s ideal for cooling the CPU and GPU. For a laptop, a 120mm fan offers better airflow.

Spinning Speed

A spinning speed of 1,600 RPM is recommended for laptops. A higher spinning speed will provide better performance. Fan Size Answer: A good rule of thumb is to choose fans based on the square footage of the case. For example, if you’re building a computer for yourself, you’ll probably want to go with a smaller fan. But if you’re building a system for someone else, you’ll probably want a larger fan.

Noise Level (dB)

For desktop computers, you generally want to aim for around 40 dB. This is because anything above 50 dB is likely to annoy people around you. However, if you’re building something for a living area, you’ll probably want something quieter.


120mm fans are usually used for computer cases. It is a common fan type.


140mm fans are usually used in computers and other devices. It is a common air flow type. 150mm Answer: 150mm fans are usually used to cool down the CPU. It is a common cooling fan type. 160mm Answer: 160mm fans are usually used as exhaust fans. It is a common exhaust fan type. 180mm Answer: 180mm fans are usually used on desktops. It is a common desktop fan type. 200mm Answer: 200mm fans are usually used under desktops. It is also called tower fans. 220mm Answer: 220mm fans are usually used with servers. It is a common server fan type. 240mm Answer: 240mm fans are usually used above desktops. It is called tower fans.


Airflow is the rate of air movement per unit area. Airflow Rate

Spinning Speed

1 Spinning speed refers to the speed of rotation of the fan blades. It is measured in revolutions per minute RPM. 2 Airflow rate is the volume of air flow per unit area.

Noise Level (dB)

3 Noise level is the decibel rating of noise produced by the appliance. 4 Power consumption is the amount of power consumed by the appliance.

Should I use 120 or 140mm fans?

200mm fans are generally used for cooling, while 140mm fans can be used for heating. If you want to cool down your computer, you can use a smaller fan with a diameter of 200mm. But if you wish to heat up your computer, you can choose a larger fan with a diameter of 150mm.

Which is better 140mm or 120mm?

120mm fans are usually used for heating, while 140mm fans are used for cooling. If you want your computer to get hot, you can use a fan with a diameter of 120mm. But if you want your computer to become cooler, you can use a bigger fan with a diameter of 140mm.

Is 200mm better than 140mm?

A 140mm fan is generally used for cooling while a 120mm fan is used for heating. If you want to cool down your computer, you can use a 140mm fan. But if you want to heat up your laptop, you can use a 120mm fan.

Is the a big difference between 120mm and 140mm fan?

No. A 120mm fan cannot fit into a 140mm fan hole.

Can 140mm fan fits 120mm?

120mm fans are generally quieter than 140mm fans. However, if you are looking for a louder fan, go for 140mm fans.

What is better 120mm or 140mm?

If you are looking for quiet fans, go for 120mm. If you are looking for loud fans, go for 140mm.

Are 140mm fans louder than 120mm?

Yes, 140mm fans are usually quieter than 120mm fans because they have smaller motors. But if you are looking for quietness, go for 120mm fans.

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